Features & Benefits

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  • 29 July
  • RSP Industries

For ease of installation, SAPboard is available in 4x8 sheets and custom sizes can also be produced. They are installed in the same manner as a traditional subfloor. This saves time and reduces the schedule duration by as much as 4 weeks on a typical 4 story, 80,000 square foot multifamily building, and even more on larger projects.

  • Lower Cost & Reduced Installation Time
  • Reduce Risk Of Mold
  • Strong & Stiff
  • Environmentally Friendly

Big Cost Savings

In addition to competitive installation costs compared to equivalent alternatives, SAPboard offers savings resulting from schedule improvements, reduced general conditions and less floor prep for finish floor contractors.

SABboard contributes to project completion and earlier revenue opportunity for the owner. "

Reduce Risk of Mold

Because SAPboard eliminates the introduction of wet cementitious underlayments into an otherwise dry environment, the risk of mold development during the construction process is substantially reduced or entirely eliminated.

Eliminating the wet cementitious underlayment also reduces subfloor installation time "

High Quality

SAPboard features a rubust design with exceptional strength and stiffness as well as easy machining and adhesion, allowing for a hassle-free installation. Additionally, the exceptional dimensional stability resists warping, twisting and bowing.

SAPboard has exceptional dimensional stability that resists warping, twisting and bowing. "

Environmentally Friendly

SAPboard is also outstanding with regard to sustainability. Manufactured with yellow pine from renewable sources and recycled rubber, SAPboard has a near zero carbon footprint.

SAPboard uses a water-based adhesive system is resistant to moisture and creates a strong, stable product that is free from solvents and other harmful emissions. "