Structural Details

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  • 31 July
  • RSP Industries

SAPboard is the strongest subfloor panel on the market by far. Its structural capacity and bending strength exceed that of its competitors by almost 200%.

It has been tested by certified testing agencies in accordance with all relevant testing standards and procedures. Copies of test data will be provided upon request.

SAPboard features a robust design with exceptional strength and stiffness, giving you both the highest quality and exceptional performance. In the field, SAPboard allows for easy machining and adhesion, resulting in a completely hassle-free installation. SAPboard also offers exceptional dimensional stability, which resists warping, twisting and bowing. You won’t find a tougher subfloor than SAPboard.

The Structural Design Of SAPboard Offers Strength & Stiffness

In the Load Deflection Test, SAPboard easily handled 500 lbs., demonstrating its superior stability. In the test, SAPboard easily withstands more than twice the weight that a typical OSB can handle. In the Drop Test, SAPboard deflected a cinder block that was dropped from 25’, demonstrating this product’s exceptional strength and durability. In the Impact Test, a side-by-side demonstration shows how SAPboard deflects a 2x4 that is propelled into it at 36ft/sec, while the same 2x4 easily pierces through a standard OSB. And, just for fun, you can watch as SAPboard handily defeats a commodity OSB in Kettle Bell Challenge game of cornhole.

Put simply, SAPboard is the new gold standard of subfloors. In every aspect, for architects, for contractors, and for owners, SAPboard provides superior installation and performance benefits. SAPboard is available in 2x8 and 4x8 sheets, but custom sizes can also be produced on request.